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Confidence in Aging

Inspiring America to make the rest of life the very best!

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Our Goal

To utilize experts in health & aging to assist people, businesses, and communities in applying the science of aging to maintain health and prevent physical decline

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Couples Aerial Yoga Class

about us

20+ years helping large healthcare systems improve care for older adults provided the impetus for Confidence in Aging. The primary mission is to help individuals and businesses understand and manage aging and the changes that come with it. Suzanne Purvis has a doctorate in nursing along with certification as a Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. She has won awards in clinical excellence and heathcare education, and is published on a variety of healthcare topics. She is passionate about improving everyone’s knowledge of aging!

Terry Gion is a consultant for Confidence in Aging. She has a doctorate in nursing and certifications as a rehabilitation nurse and as a nurse executive. Terry’s specialty is in the maintenance of physical and cognitive function as we age. 


Education & Consultation

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