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Confidence in Aging: Advantages of Aging Briefs!

Announcing a new collection of briefs: Advantages of Aging! This collection is designed to cover aspects of aging that improve with age. We hope you can identify those areas of positive growth in your own aging and can utilize these strengths in planning for your older adult years!

The experts at Confidence in Aging want to make sure that everyone is educated on all aging changes including the more challenging ones via the continuation of the Confident Living Collection. But we also want to cover those aspects of aging that result in positive growth. We can then lean on the areas of continued growth to overcome some of the challenges that come with aging. Although there is some over-lap between the two sets of briefs, we do hope that focusing on the areas of growth in aging through Advantages of Aging will be helpful! We lay the ground work for this series by starting with what research says about Purpose and Meaning in Retirement!

Take a look at the first Advantages of Aging Brief, and let us know if you have topics you would like to see us cover…….

Retirement Purpose and Meaning in Retirement
Download PDF • 285KB

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